Emotional burnout: how not to burn yourself out

If you have apathy, unfounded aggression, nothing gives pleasure, lost interest in once favorite work, you are experiencing chronic fatigue, very close, as you seem to pay no attention and do not support you, from hands all falls, and health “fray”, most likely, you “caught” the emotional burnout syndrome. And to get rid of him.

Emotional burnout is also called emotional combustion or professional burnout. This is a very serious disorder that is destructive to our body and which can ruin the quality of life in General. What are the causes of this syndrome? What leads to such detrimental consequences and how to prevent them, we will try to tell you.

Emotional burnout happens to a) workaholics, and b) people out of place (not the profession or do not have a position in the team); C) “overstayers” (career advancement is not possible due to certain circumstances); d) representatives of the “emotional” professions associated with constant stress (doctors, teachers, psychologists, firefighters, social workers, etc.).

Workaholics at first incredibly passionate about your work, they are happy to take on new projects and actively participate in all spheres. They are willing to take on someone else’s work and responsibility, work overtime, perform the most important task. Over time, this activity degenerates into indifference to their duties, even hatred, toward work, emotional and physical exhaustion, denial of their viability as a professional. In everyday life this translates into stress, aggressive attitude toward loved ones, irritability, mood swings. A workaholic with CMEA (burnout syndrome) are prone to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, ulcers) and skin diseases like dermatitis.

Workers who were not in place and perform duties not related to their qualifications and are not identical to their temperament, “burn out” as fast as workaholics. These people lose interest in activities, turn in on themselves and cease to develop. They become lethargic and passive.

“Overstayers” professionals for years engaged in the same, which lose their professional motivation. The impossibility of career advancement greatly underestimates the self-esteem. The reason for burnout may also be a lack of periodic financial awards and praise from senior colleagues.

The worst case is CMEA representatives “emotional”, “altruistic” professions. Their work involves constant anxiety and responsibility for the fate, health and life of other people. Overexertion leads to psychological and moral exhaustion, and mental resources are very difficult to repair.

If you recognized one of these types yourself, very carefully read the following paragraphs and try to change their attitude to work, to return to the “system”, to his former life.

What to do if you have already “burned out”?

Talk to a psychologist

In most cases, young people leave school, choose a profession intuitively or on the advice of parents. At the University students need only serviceable visits and activity in the classroom. No one matches the temperament, the personality structure with the chosen specialty. And when a real person for the first time confronted with the real work, it can experience either a sense of euphoria or shock. But after five years of training could not pass in vain? And the real person begins to go regularly to the real, but, for example, unloved work. The daily stress, and as a result of the CMEA.

Your suffering is useless. If you have realized that the work that the profession does not suit you – talk to a psychologist. Deep psychological analysis of your personality will help to determine the area that will be the most comfortable, and work effectively.

No casualties

Do not rush into the breach. Try to correctly distribute your load. Ask for help to colleagues. Don’t behave like a true perfectionist – don’t try to be the best. Learn how to switch between activities. When planning your week, try to make real predictions and give a real assessment of their capabilities (do not substitute themselves, saying to the chief that will do for the hours the job takes about a week).

Choose a comfortable working place

Even this fact as a constant presence in open space, maybe the moral to oppress a person, because he is always on the mind. If you understand that you will not be able to work in this place, talk to management. If the head don’t go forward in the changing workplace, seriously think about the new team. Uncomfortable working conditions will entail professional burnout.

Use psychological techniques

For example, going to work, always close Gestalt of the day: push chair, turn off computer, turn off the light in the office. Work should not you “beckon”. Not skeptical about people practicing meditation and the recitation of mantras. These things pacify, soothe, balance and they are not necessarily associated with spirituality. During “Windows”, “hangs” in social networks: take a small stroll in the fresh air or read a paper book (that paper, to “Wake up” olfactory and tactile receptors), a porous, to vent emotions.

Take a time-out

First, always find time to rest at the end of the day. You have to be two weekends (speaking of proper distribution of loads). Don’t miss the opportunity to change the situation and go to a mandatory annual vacation.

Visit today’s fashionable parties, like Freday Afterwork. At these parties the specialists in different fields just rest, have fun and exchange business cards for contacts. These activities help to relax in the circle understand you people, make new friends, get useful in your work information, new experience. It’s – “fresh blood”, which will not allow to stagnate in their field of work.

If you feel completely “burned out” at work – take the (possible) time-out any length of time. Let colleagues not to scare you a loss of skills: all the resources – intellectual, moral, psychological, physical – you need to restore. It might take a lot of time. If you rest enough, the situation with burnout can happen again and you will never feel comfortable at work.

Take care of yourself and work with a pleasure!

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